Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Why Going to the Beach is a Stress Buster from Forbes Living

A new book is out which states that one can go to the beach, not get in the water and stress melts away. Forbes Living takes a look at why the seashore is one of the best places to relax.

When we are exposed to the calmness of the ocean, our minds take a cognitive and emotional break – so to speak. The vast blue sea relaxes it, puts it in a meditative mode as they happy thoughts seep in. Brain images of people who are close to water show the brain filling up with feel-good hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin. The stress hormone coritsol lessens and the human feels fine. Scientists have actually proven that the color blue helps us focus better. And since the ocean is mostly blue, we relax and are able to be more creative and emotionally sound. Forbes Living reminds readers our bodies are 60% water and our brains are 75% water. So it makes sense that water-based therapies are helping people work though trauma, stress and depression. If sitting on the beach or swimming in the water is not your idea of relaxation, sit in a restaurant of coffee house near it and reap the same benefits. If the ocean is someplace one longs to be on the weekend, jump in! Mother Nature’s resources are there to make it better.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Forbes Living on Finding a Goldmine in the Public Library

We are midway through the summer. What can families do together that is affordable and fun? Where can they go to find something to do when the weather is not cooperating? Forbes Living suggests finding a goldmine at the public library.

Almost every city in the country has a public library. Some have shortened days but are nonetheless still open. Inside – a world of family entertainment can be found.

Many local libraries offer discounted tickets to local museums. Grab tickets for everyone and go exploring in another time and place.

Rent a movie or two that everyone will enjoy. Recent flicks are on the shelves as well as the oldies.

Search for ancestors, dig through old family records and photographs and find something new not known.

Some libraries have telescopes in which members can use to gaze into the sky and see what’s there. Explore this new world.

Audio books are great to take on long road trips. They are also fun to listen to at home. Forbes Living TV suggests renting an classic and having a discussion about the characters and plot.

Sort through the variety of self-published magazines libraries have to offer for interesting topics. A favorite subject is pets and another is crafting.

Pick up a flyer with groups meeting there or scan the list of classes offered. There are so many fun things in the local library. Why not see what they have to offer today?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Forbes Living Shares Tips to Save Money on Back to School Needs

You know it’s almost time to go back to school when the sales start, discount codes arrive in email and school uniforms are on store racks. Forbes Living shares some tips on how to save money on back to school needs.

Shop early. Even if the school district has not sent out a list of needed supplies for the year, hit the discount stores early for the widest variety and the best prices.  Stock up.

If your state offers a tax-free weekend on school supplies, wait until then to stock up.

Do your kids need some cool new duds to start the school year? Go online and check out some of the fashion resale stores like thredup.com and moxiejean.com. Cool styles can be found for less than the department or boutique stores charge.

The Forbes Living talk show also uses smart phone apps for favorite stores to find special sales, coupons and discount codes for back to school items.  

True fashionistas though will find creative ways to re-purpose clothing from previous seasons. Fashion is evolving and will come full circle with some modifications. Take advantage of scarves, hats, leggings and other ways to turn some cast-offs into something very cool. There are a myriad of ways to save money on back to school needs. Use all of them!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Forbes Living on How to Easily Save Some Money

There is always time to find ways to save more money, especially during the summer when everything seems to slow down. Forbes Living shares a few examples of where to find some extra dough to sock away.

Review cell phone bills and policies to see if there are any savings to take advantage of such as less usage or getting rid of replacement insurance.

Automate bill payments and automate savings deposits. Too many people do not trust banks and merchants when it comes to automated bill payments. The theory is if there is a billing mistake or service issue, there is no recourse since the bill has been paid for the month already. But making a late payment costs money. As for savings, the expression “out of sigh out of mind” comes to the forefront. If it’s automatically deposited every month, it won’t be spent.

Forgo plastic. Use cash instead. Determine how much cash is needed for the week and withdraw that on Saturday or Sunday morning. Instead of regularly swiping a debit or credit card spending more than wanted, use the cash on hand instead.

Wait before spending hard-earned money on something major like a new TV. Wait 30 days and then ask if it’s a must have or want to have. Forbes Living also believes it may go on sale.

These are easy ways to save money every day, week and month. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Forbes Living Asks: Who Has Boomerang Kids at Home?

The Recession sent many college graduates and older adults back home to their parents’ house to live after not finding a job or losing one. These so-called “Boomerang Kids” can be a helpful addition to the household.  Forbes Living acknowledges what they can bring to the kitchen table.

When times get tough, some head back to the safety and security of their childhood home. This can leave parents feeling like the new freedom of having no children around is cramping their style. But if a few guidelines are set and followed, the new living situation will be beneficial to everyone involved.

Will rent be charged to stay in the house? How much will it be and when will it be paid?
The grown child does their own laundry.
The grown child can pitch in to buy food for meals, help prepare them and clean up afterward.
Is the grown child looking for work? Will the grown child take a part-time job to help pay some expenses?
The house rules should clearly indicate if there any curfews and how many guests the grown child can invite over.
Household duties should be divided equally to include the grown child.

The Forbes Living talk show understands that it’s hard for both parents and child to live together again. If all parties work together to live in peace, then the new arrangement will benefit everyone. Parents can help boomerang kids in preparing a monthly budget to pay off credit card bills and student loans, as well as still being able to afford gas for the car and food for meals. Kids can help take the pressure off of their parents by offering to do yard work, take care of their rooms and the rest of the house, and be available if needed. Who has boomerang kids at home? How do you manage the living arrangement?

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Forbes Living Offers Signs That Your House Is Run By Your Cats

Forbes Living, along with most of the nation, loves cats.  The little furry creatures are the single most popular pet in the country.  But the age-old question remains:  do you adopt cats or do they adopt you?  And who's really in charge in a household full of felines?  Here are some signs that your home is run by your cats.  One of the primary signs is multiple litter boxes, some kept in relatively unusual or inconvenient spots.  That signifies the home of someone who has surrendered to the inevitable and would rather place a preemptive litter box at the site of a previous calamity, than to be repeatedly cleaning up messes. 

Forbes Living salutes lovers of the feline species who build their lives around their pets.

The Forbes Living TV show recognizes another "tell-tail" sign that the cats are in charge:  they sleep where they want to, you adapt to them.  Whether a favorite spot in the sunlight, a cushion on the couch, the claiming of a part of the bed or your computer keyboard, Cats will snooze where they feel like at any given moment and their well-trained humans will just have to work around them.  Finally, the expensive, designer-fashioned cat tree, purchased so that your felines might spare your fine furniture and other decor, usually dominates the style of your home.  However, usually the scratching post is in a pristine state while the lower sections of the sofa, chairs and even wood furniture are shredded almost beyond recognition.  All of this, we endure for the occasional lap session of petting and a nurturing rub against our legs.  These critters usually know when we're feeling down, and will come to us and brighten our lives when we need it most.  For that, we can grant them the run of the house.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Forbes Living Shares Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Why is having a healthy breakfast so hard to do? It is because we don’t make time to make one or that we would just rather grab something on the way to work? Forbes Living shares some healthy breakfast ideas.

While it may seem easy to grab a banana on the way out and call that a healthy breakfast, it barely feeds our bodies with the vitamins and nutrients it deserves.  Plan a little more time in the morning and makes a nutritious sandwich with a whole wheat English Muffin, all natural peanut better and apples, or an egg white with low-fast cheese. Add low-fat milk to coffee and tea if needed and a sugar substitute like Splenda. Kids should have time to sit down at the table and eat a whole wheat waffle with cream cheese (try one made with Greek yogurt) and berries.

Adults rarely think about breakfast but it fuels the day and gets metabolism moving. Make something the night before and stick it in the fridge to stay fresh. For the readers who like bacon and eggs crack one egg (or one cup egg substitute) into a microwave safe mug, add some dried herbs, a little low-fat milk and some cheese and zap it for a minute. Remove and microwave two slices of turkey bacon until crisp. It’s quick, easy and fulfills the craving. Forbes Living also likes Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon, a drizzle of honey and some fresh berries tossed in. It takes less than two minutes. Healthy breakfasts are not that hard to make. Reserve a little time in the morning to enjoy one.

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