Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Forbes Living Looks at Wage Equality in the United States

It is a well-known fact that women in the United States get paid 78 cents when men get paid a dollar. This cause was brought to the world’s attention during the recent Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday, February 22, by Oscar winner Patricia Arquette. Forbes Living weighs in. 

Over the years, actors who win an Oscar for excellence in their craft, have taken a stand for a cause important to them. This year, actor Patricia Arquette accepted her award and reminded the world that women have fought for everyone else’s cause, supported everyone else, and that the time is now to implement equal pay for women.

Fifty-two years ago, President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act. And 52 years later, women are still fighting to be paid equally in America. Women hold nearly half of today’s jobs, and their earnings account for a significant portion of household income. But the pay gap is still prevalent and run even wider for African-Americans and Latinas.

Female full-time workers earn 18% less per week than men. Female CEOs make 20% less. The gap opens to 43% in the legal field. Four out of ten family breadwinners are women.

Forbes Living TV believes that all women deserve to be paid equally. But this will not happen unless it is made a Federal law and applies at the state level. If you believe women should be paid fairly and equally, now is the time to speak up. #demandwageequality #womenworkharder #equaljobequalpay

Monday, February 16, 2015

Forbes Living TV and the Best Beaches for Spring Break

The thought of spring break stirs the imagination to places where great and wild things take place. It inspires college-age kids to borrow, scrimp and save for a terrific few weeks off from classes before finals begin. Forbes Living TV shares news of a contest where voters can vote for their favorite spring break destination.

Admittedly, we worked in the hometown mall over each and every spring break. But for those who were fortunate enough to go someplace wild and crazy, here is the link for the contest. As we looked at the choices, we are compelled to vote for Venice Beach, California on the West Coast, Daytona Beach, Florida on the West Coast, and Negril, Jamaica in the Caribbean. The Forbes Living TV show hears that South Padre Island, Texas is also a fun place to chill out on Spring Break. Voting for this contest ends March 16 at noon Eastern Time.  So, where do you want to go on Spring Break? We sure hope you don’t have to spend it working or else it really can’t be called a break, now can it?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Forbes Living Offers Tips on When to Snag the Cheapest Airfare

Get out of town for less money

Spring break and wedding season are not too far away. This might just be the right time to search for a buy an airline ticket if an event takes places out of state. Forbes Living shares some tips on finding the cheapest airfare.

Domestic airfare prices are at the lowest at 47 days before departure.  The best days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday since most business passengers travel on Mondays and Saturdays.  If there is an out of state special occasion to attend this spring, don’t procrastinate.  If the airfare is low, book it. Lower priced tickets can be found online by using airfare tracking apps such as Hipmunk and FareCompare among others.  When the fare is right, go straight to the airline’s website and book it there. If changes to the flights are needed during travel, it is always best to contact the airline directly than a consolidation site.

Another suggestion is to keep one credit card clear to charge tickets to when the price is right. This could be the card with the best reward points program or one with the lowest interest.  When booking flights with connections, Forbes Living TV recommends allowing more than an hour in between flights to allow for flight delays and long commutes in larger terminals or airports.  Don’t let spring and summer special events and vacations take a back seat because the airfare is too high.  Start looking now and set up email alerts. Snag that cheap ticket when it pops up.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Forbes Living Asks If Readers Discipline Another Parent’s Kids

There are times when a child is acting so badly that something has to be done or someone has to step up. Even if the child is not yours and even when the child’s parent is standing right there. Forbes Living wants to know if readers have ever disciplined another parent’s kid.

Parents of the Baby Boomer generation had no trouble spanking a misbehaving child or sticking a bar of soap in the child’s mouth if he or she said a bad word. They had no second thoughts about spanking another child either. Or smacking the hands of a kid who grabbed something that wasn’t theirs to take. Many Boomer adults can attest to the horror of having to lie across a lap and be spanked. Worse than that were the school principals who kept paddles in clear sight and used them. The fear of the sting was sometimes enough to keep kids from going off the handle.

But what happens when a child is visiting and misbehaves to the point of causing others harm? What happens when the parent or parents are not there? And what happens when they are and don’t do anything?  Is it okay to spank or scold someone else’s child?  Every parent has their own form of disciplining their children. Forbes Living TV asks readers: is okay to discipline someone else’s child? Have you ever scolded or spanked another child?

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Forbes Living TV Offers Tips for Saving on Health Care

Save on health care? Does that sound right? It can be hard to imagine that there are certain things we can do to save some money on health care costs. The Forbes Living TV show explains.

The cost of health care can be pretty steep these days. Doctor visits, co-pays, medication and medical procedures can cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, there are ways in which we can save on health care. But we have to be prudent and aggressive about it.

If employers do not offer health insurance, it can be daunting to find the right plan. Take time to determine which plan is the most affordable, includes the family’s doctors, pediatricians, etc. and medications needed.

Shop around for the best price on medication. This can be online or in the neighborhood. Always ask if there is a generic alternative. Compare prices. And don’t just look at local drug stores.  Be sure to call warehouse stores likes Costco, BJs an Sam’s Club and check on prices, even no one is a member.  

Know what the family health insurance policy covers before making an appointment. How much are co-pays? What procedures are covered? And where. The Forbes Living TV show also suggests asking medical professionals if certain procedures are absolutely necessary.  If we don’t ask, we may end up paying for something that’s not really needed.  Ask if there is anything to do at home to ease the health issue instead of agreeing to a medical procedure.

Be your own health care advocate.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Forbes Living on Preventing Child Accidents

There was one ad during the recent Super Bowl game which seemed to annoy or offend (or both) many viewers. I was sponsored by MakeSafeHappen. There was so much fuss about this one ad, that we think the message was missed – prevent child accidents.

Forbes Living knows accidents will happen when kids are around no matter how hard one tries to prevent them. A large, wide screen TV can topple over if the cord is pulled too hard. An open dryer is an open invitation for toddlers to go exploring. Laundry pods are so colorful that they are often mistook for candy. It is easy to prevent these accidents from becoming tragedies. Be more aware of everything.

  • Close the washer and dryer doors when done using. Lock the door to there they are stored.
  • Don’t buy and use laundry pods if there are small toddlers and small children in the house. Just don’t. Buy a bottle of liquid detergent instead and store it on a high shelf.
  • Screw the TV onto a TV stand. Mount it securely on the wall. Lock the doors of the cabinet.
  • Lock windows so kids don’t open them, lean and fall out.
  • Use gates where there are stairs and on both ends.
  • Install a back-up monitor on your car if it does not have one so no one backs over small children playing in the driveway.
  • Kitchen spills are not uncommon. Forbes Living TV recommends getting protective covers for the stove. 
  • Empty hot water from pans and put in dishwasher. 
These and other tips can be found at the jump above.

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Friday, January 30, 2015

Forbes Living Ponders the Differences between Night Owls and Early Birds

Some people naturally get up with the roosters and hit their performance peak by mid-morning. Others prefer to stay up late and get up later in the morning, hitting their peak later at night. Forbes Living explores the differences between the night owls and early birds.

For the record, this article is being written in the morning, which makes its writer an early bird. Up before the sun, powered by some good coffee, peak performance is reached by 11 AM.  Some might call morning people “coffee achievers”.  With the day starting afresh, there is much to accomplish before noon. The night owls are still cozy in bed as the early birds start checking off completed tasks for the day. Come mid-day, early risers can take a break, catch a cat nap and then get busy with leftover chores.

Night owls are people who like to hit the sack later, around 11 PM or after. They sleep well into the daylight hours of the morning. They reach peak performance in the late evening, around 8 PM. The stillness of the night as others sleep allows them to accomplish nearly every item on their to-do list. No distractions when the world is sound asleep and dreaming. Night people relish to overnight or graveyard shift.

The early morning risers love the bright of day to awaken their senses, minds and bodies. A regular routine is usually a given for day people. Structure is good and keeps them on track. Night people enjoy the freedom of getting work done without real restrictions. The differences between early birds and night owls can be a difference as night and day, or as common as day and night. Forbes Living wants to know: are you an early bird or a night owl?

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