Friday, December 19, 2014

Forbes Living on Feathered and Four-Legged Weather Forecasters

Golden-winged Warbler - storm forecaster

It has long been said that cats and dogs know when a hurricane is coming.  Birds also can feel a storm approaching before it hits. Forbes Living lets readers know why we need to pay attention to birds and animals.

One of the best early warning systems of approaching bad weather are birds. If they are usually chirping all day and are now nowhere to be seen or heard, chances are a bad storm is on the way. Researchers in Eastern Tennessee were studying some warblers and realized that none were around. They seem to have fled their nests – and for good cause. A supercell of storms was headed in that direction which later spurned 84 tornados in the region. 

This is also the case in tropical locales where hurricanes are common. Birds will disappear and the air is silent. Cats will start to become nervous and dogs may act hyper days before a storm strikes. Forbes Living TV also knows that elephants can sense a water source from more than 150 miles away and head toward it.

Animals have a natural sense and instinct when predicting bad weather or for finding what they need to survive.  We humans should pay more attention to them and not chock up their weird behavior as misbehavior. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Forbes Living on How to be Forever Young

Bet you didn’t know there are some free secrets to staying young even when you hit the big 5-0. Forbes Living shares the best of them with readers.

Don’t’ you just love free stuff?

Be positive and be happy.  Find the positive in any situation. Is it pouring down rain on the day of your outdoor party? Bring it inside for a cozy soiree instead.

Happiness is not that hard to come by either. Look down. Your child, dog or cat is right there telling you that you are loved, even when your hair is a mess and your shorts are hanging off your hips like a soggy sack. Happiness is really just being content with what it is. All of it.

The soft and sensitive skin under the eyes ages the face faster than anything. Keep them moisturized with a good quality cream and they will thank you by keeping lines away.

Listen to what children say to you and about you. They are honest and honest in ways that most adults will never get. And when the urge arises, play like a kid!

Did someone call you a sourpuss? Thank them! And then squeeze some lemon juice in a bowl, take a cotton ball or pad, dip it and dab on the face. Leave the lemon juice on your face for about 10 minutes and then rinse off. So long dead cells and hello new younger ones. (And lemons are cheaper by the dozen than the top-rated facial cleansers.)

Forbes Living TV also recommends getting a good night’s rest, taking part in some zippy exercise and refusing to fall into negative think patterns.  If all else fails. There is always tomorrow. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Forbes Living with Ideas to Make the Holidays Easier

How to make the holidays easier? Daydream.

Tis the season to be jolly. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Stock phrases such as these tend to make those who are alone feel left out. Forbes Living shares some ideas for readers who may be alone or feeling family pressure this holiday season.

We cannot count the number of times when family members and friends of the family would ask; Why aren’t you married yet?” ‘What’s it like to live alone?” ‘Don’t you get lonely?” Nor can we count the number of times people have said “keep your chin up” when things were not going all that great. For readers who are having a hard time and visiting family this holiday season, here are some tips to make it easier.

Pack something in your luggage that makes you happy and smile. It can be small stuffed animal, a book, journal or music that suddenly makes you start dancing. Escape to it when the pressure becomes too much or the cloying questions start to feel like poison darts to the heart.

Plan an escape. You can always borrow a car if needed, and drive to a shopping mall or someplace or just park the vehicle someplace to recharge. (Note that recharge does not mean revenge. Although sometimes it’s pleasant to plan it.)

Forbes Living TV reminds readers to not over indulge in liquor or sweet and fatty foods. It is oh so easy to have another spiked eggnog with a small plate of holiday cookies. But you’ll pay for it later so why bother now?

Finally, realize that no body is perfect. Not even the sister with the thin body and lovely hair, nor the cousin with the six figure salary, nor the older parents. Everybody has issues.  Isn’t it nice to know you’re not alone?

Friday, December 12, 2014

Forbes Living on How to Make Holiday Travel a Breeze

There is no doubt about it: holiday travel can be stressful. Travelers who are flying or driving will more than likely find long security check-in lines, possible flights delays and crammed full flights. Drivers should expect heavy traffic on the nation’s roads. Forbes Living offers suggestions for making holiday travel a breeze.

Plan ahead. 

If flying, be sure you have everything you need to breeze through the security lines handy. This includes boarding passes, drivers licenses, shoes and jackets off, all loose items in pockets stored in a baggie in an under the seat bag, cosmetics in easy to reach baggies, and tablet and laptops ready to put in the bins.

Keep other airlines schedules handy for your destination in case there is a long delay or cancellation. Keep your patience in check and your kindness up front. These will net you a better chance of getting onto another flight than an entitled attitude.

When boarding, take your time. Store your carry-on carefully with the wheels in back. Take your seat and store the under the seat bag securely under the seat.

If driving, gas the vehicle up the night before leaving. Then pack all items.
Prepare some snacks the night before and grab them with bottles of water to take on the road.
Be sure all doors and windows are locked and the thermostat is set on 78 or higher to save energy.
Slow down on the road. Let the hurried drivers pass.
Take turns doing the driving if the trip is long.

Enjoy each other’s company.

Forbes Living TV wishes everyone traveling through the holidays a safe and peaceful journey.

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Forbes Living and the Best Amenities in the Airport

Yoga studio at DFW airport

Forget the corner newsstand which sells magazines and newspapers from around the world. Forget the restaurant that sells gourmet healthy meals. Forbes Living learns some big city American airports offer relaxation, farm fresh fruit and veggies and grow their own food not far from the gate you’re about to depart.

Major city airports in the U.S. are upping their game when it comes to what they offer in terminals and near departure gates.  From yoga studios and spaces to organic food, airports may very well once again be taking us back to the day when flying was fun and something to look forward to. Some airports are bringing in local breweries, farmers markets, and green, peaceful places to de-stress in-between flights. Forbes Living knows that travelers remember the airport by what there is to eat and buy. The more eclectic the offerings, the more people will spend some of their money in that airport which contributes to the city. It is a win-win for everyone. Passengers get restful places and cool places to spend some money, and the airport and city boost their revenue. Hopefully, this will translate to more visitors to the city. The city of Pittsburgh was one of the first in the nation to try a different way to get passengers to spend money. Their street pricing and upper-end stores appealed to almost very kind of traveler. The formula worked then and it works now.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Forbes Living TV on How to Enjoy the Holidays and Not Gain Weight

sip a broth-based soup before dinner

It is estimated that the average American gains five pounds from Christmas to New Year’s. Forbes Living TV shares tips to enjoy the holidays without gaining (too much) weight.

It is the most wonderful time of the year when the homes are filled with sweet treats and sumptuous meals. The holiday season is when people proudly want us to try their goodies, offer us fat and calorie-laden eggnog and cheerfully encourage us to partake in alcohol. How does the health-minded person make it though the one week when most people gain weight?

Before visiting someone’s home, drink plenty of water and maybe even have a small cup of broth-based soup. This helps us feel fuller sooner and we’re less tempted to overeat later.

Pour wine with the glass on the table and not in the hand. Also, use a more narrow wine glass and fill it only half full.

Nibble on appetizers. Eat less of them and take your time.

Stand way from buffet tables. The farther away you are the less chance of casually snacking on everything offered. Socialize instead.

Forbes Living also suggests taking 30 minutes for yourself every day to relax and de-stress. Take a bath, read a book or get a massage. You’ll feel better and will be less likely to indulge in fatty comfort foods.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Forbes Living TV Reminds Readers to Not Forget Beloved Pets during the Holidays

This is the time of year when gift giving reaching is in abundance, decorations can go over the top and pets are forgotten. Forbes Living TV reminds readers to not forget beloved pets during the holidays.

Someone in your life has a furr-baby that is as important to them as kids are to parents. When shopping for holiday gifts, please don’t forget to get the four-legger a gift also. Small boxes of treats are sold in every grocery store. Your friend or relative will also very much appreciate you thinking of their baby.

If taking the family pet along to visit is a must, please bring small animals in carriers and use leashes for bigger animals. There is nothing more stressful and heartbreaking than a cat or small dog that gets loose from the vehicle and runs away or gets hit by a car. Secure all pets in the car. Please also be sure all vaccinations are up to date and claws are trimmed to not slash and gash anyone.

If staying with relatives or friends with a pet, be sure to let them unwind and distress in a room with a closed door. They can just as easily get out and get lost in an unknown home.

Forbes Living TV also recommends taking along their favorite toys, treats and blankets. If leaving the cherished family pet at home with a pet sitter, be sure to leave a small pile of your clothes on their favorite nap spot. This makes them feel like you safe and secure.

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