Monday, July 20, 2015

Forbes Living TV Shares Grocery Saving Tips

Everybody has to go to the grocery store and some of us go more than once a week. We found some tips and smart phone apps which can help everyone save money green at the cash register.

Wouldn’t you like to use savings from grocery shopping on something more permanent than food? We, at Forbes Living TV sure do.

Be sure to look on the upper store shelves and lower shelves for items priced lower than those on the eye-level shelves. Also check out the items on the ends of the aisles for sales. We’ve found some good deals there.

Grab the weekly store sale paper or find it online. This is where the good BOGO deals are from household products to pet stuff.

Every budget-conscious shopper needs budget-friendly apps on their smart phone: Try Grocery Pal for in-store sales in your area. An additional plus is you can choose your favorite store on the list and nix the paper version mentioned above.

Forbes Living also suggests looking into money back apps such as Ibotta. Some of them ask users to watch a video and comment on the product in it, or to take a survey about another one. All you have to do is take a photo of your grocery receipt when done with the video or survey, upload it to the app and some money comes back. ‘

Every little bit helps all the time. Get some back for yourself.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Forbes Living Shares Pet Care Money Saving Tips

We love our pets. There is nothing we won’t do for them, including draining our personal financial accounts. Forbes Living takes this opportunity to share how to save money on pet care. (So we can buy them more toys and treats!)

Pet care can be just as expensive as child care. In fact, it is child care except the children have four-legs instead of two, feather, fins and scales. Pet food prices, grooming, insurance routine vet visits and expensive medicine can all add up to a major chunk of money. Many pet owners have felt the pain of dwindling funds as they get and give the very best to their furry kids. 

Below we offer some tips to better manage and hopefully reduce the cost of pet care:

Veterinary care
  • Need pet medicine? Ask the vet if it comes in generic form and choose that option.  Research the medicine online first to see if it can be bought online for a lower cost.
  • Ask what the cost difference is between in-house lab work or outside labs.
  • Ask if samples or manufacturer rebates are available.
  • Ask about seasonal discounts or special health care packages such as for senior cats and dogs.
  • Look up pet insurance plans and read reviews on ando other sites. Choose the best plan for the animal’s needs.

Pet supplies
  • Pet supplies can be bought online also. Pet owners can find almost anything they’re looking for via the Internet and at lower prices than local pet stores.
  • Snag local coupons for pet stores like Pet Supermarket. Forbes Living TV sees these in the mail almost every other week.
  • Also check online for favorite pet food, treats and supplies coupons.
 Save money on all of the things pets need.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Forbes Living TV and Misconceptions about Dogs and Cats

All we really need to do to understand our pets is listen and watch. Forbes Living TV reviews some common misconceptions about dogs and cats.

There are some very common thoughts about dogs and cats (and other animals too) that we thought needed to be cleared up.

Dogs and cats do not get along. This is not always true. When animals are raised in the same home, dogs and cats can get along just fine. It can be educational and fun to observe which one ends up the alpha.

Certain breeds of dogs should not ever be brought into a home. Pit Bulls come into mind. In fact, a rescued Pit Bull is often sweet and grateful. They can also be trained well and raised to be great watch dogs for kids.

Just like cats, not all dogs like other dogs. Some prefer to be around people than another dog. We know a Dalmatian who thought she was too special to play with other dogs.

Cats scratch the furniture and rug all the time ruining it. Some cats may do this, but in all likelihood, most adult cats have learned to not do this. Forbes Living recommends a strong scratching post.

If pet owners take the time to train their pets well, the problems they think they have will disappear. Adopt a dog or cat from a local no-kill shelter today. You have all summer to get to know each other.


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Friday, June 12, 2015

Forbes Living TV Shares Secrets of Saving When Shopping

Who doesn’t love a good sale? Who doesn’t love it when something you need goes on sale?  The secrets of saving when shopping come to light from Forbes Living TV. Know when to buy needed items when they are most likely to be discounted.

Stock up on the things needed for home during the months listed and reap some good discounts. Add coupons or discount codes and save even more.  The stash the savings into a separate account and reward yourself with a vacation someplace spectacular.

June: Spruce up the back and front yards and then chill out.
Get building materials, tools, hardware, ice cream, yogurt, and cheese.

July: Fourth of July picnic on the agenda? Computers, condiments, hamburgers, hotdogs, pickles, and soda make a picnic or gathering enjoyable. Make some awesome invites on that new tablet or laptop.

August: Back to school stock up time. Cereal, cold cuts, fresh fruits and veggies,  juice, waffles, and school supplies.

Forbes Living TV also shares that some school supplies are already on sale at discount stores.  If the kids run out of supplies mid-school year, have a fresh stash on hand.  Hit the stores when the sales are hot and save a bundle. Who doesn’t love to save money?

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Monday, June 8, 2015

Forbes Living Looks at the Graying Workforce

Workers aged 50 to 59 grew by 28 percent in the last decade. The percentage of workers between the ages of 60 and 69 also grew but at a larger 72 percent. Older workers are being hired and keeping jobs at better rates than the younger generations. Forbes Living looks at the graying workforce in America.

The AARP found that more than 35 percent of the workforce is expected to be more than 50 years old by the year 2022. That is only seven years away. Older workers bring a career’s worth of experience to the workforce. With long resumes and an impressive list of skills, it would be foolish for any employer to overlook the 62 year old for a younger worker. Employees who have matured bring less risk to the business. The mature worker also brings a lifetime of contacts and possible industry open door opportunities. Younger workers have not had a chance of developing those needed career prizes.

Forbes Living TV suggests keeping the older worker on the payroll as long as possible so they can continue to contribute and guide the next generation. Many younger staff members may not think the business lessons learned 30 or more years ago are valid. But they are valid in many more ways the younger generations have not considered. The mature, older employee is a valued asset in any line of business and in any position.

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Forbes Living Offers Exercise Options for Everyone

Some people like it, love it or loathe it. Exercise is good for nearly every aspect of our health. But not all exercise classes or routines are good for everyone. Forbes Living offers options for everyone.

For those who loathe anything having the word “workout” in it, rest easy, there are some pleasant exercise options for you. A brisk walk around the office building, neighborhood or condo apartment community will suffice when exercise is recommended. None of the above entails gym membership, expensive equipment or splashy workout gear.  If a more structured plan would be helpful, check local discount stores for easy to use DVDs that come with resistance bands included. We found a great one for only $15.00 that works like a charm.

Regular exercisers might want to opt for a more structured class. There are many options from Zumba classes to step workouts that add challenge and intensity. Never forget that changing up a routine can produce better results all around.

Hard core workout fans and marathon contenders pretty much know what works.  Cross fit boxes (classes) vary in coach style, format and intensity. Forbes Living TV recommends taking time to research the box interested in by reading reviews, asking other people who have been in it, and talking to the coach.

Is there an exercise option we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments. We’re game to give it a try and report back on it.

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Monday, June 1, 2015

Forbes Living Offers Tips for a Smooth Family Vacation

Long ago, moms and dads rounded up the kids, stashed suitcases, toys, sports and beach gear, and picnic lunches in the family car and headed out on the family vacation. Of course, there were always squabbles in the backseat about space, and one child inevitably did not like where the family was going. Forbes Living offers some tips for a smooth family vacation.

Plan the vacation together as a family. Get everyone involved about where to go and what to do. When everyone is happy about getting to that special place, there will be no cranky kids or stressed out parents.

Pick a family-friend hotel, resort or local home for rent. Be sure there are great places to eat nearby, bike rentals if necessary and are close to the attractions, beaches, parks and other places of interest.

In-vehicle electronics make the drive more bearable for everyone. A navigation system for dad, DVDs and games for kids and streaming movies and music for teens will make long drives less of a drag.

The Forbes Living talk show also suggests planning plenty of stops at cool places, or at least where there are good, clean bathrooms, picnic locations, or interesting locations.

The key to having a smooth family vacation (we know there are such things) is to plan ahead and involve everyone.