Friday, October 24, 2014

Forbes Living TV Shares Tips for Keeping Digital Devices Safe

The next generation of smart phones and tablets are on store shelves. Now is the time to download and install the best apps for keeping malware off digital devices. Forbes Living TV shares some tips to keep personal and financial data safe.

Mobile devices are harder for hackers to get into and hackers have to work harder to get into them. They can steal the contact list from a smart phone and send ransom notes to the user to get the lists back. Back up contact data with apps like Avast which we use on all company computers, servers and personal digital devices. It scans, removes and protects data. Avast is best for Android users. iOS users can use Lookout.

Public Wi-Fi is an open market for hackers. Protect your devices with a secure VPN (virtual private network). There are many available for both Android and iOS. They are best used in airports, malls, coffee shops and other very public places.

The Forbes Living TV show recommends using an app to find a lost phone or protecting data when a phone is stolen or misplaced. There are many on the market that can locate a lost or stolen pone and many more that can wipe a phone of everything personal if it lands in the wrong hands.

In today’s very digital mobile world, it makes sense to do whatever we can to protect ourselves from unscrupulous people.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Forbes Living TV Shares Scary Food Traditions

This couple will not have any bad luck at all. 

Do not sniff basil leaves or a scorpion will appear in your brain. These and other scary food traditions are explained by Forbes Living TV.

Who knew that something as simple and fulfilling as bread could have so many superstitions tied to it? Check these out: if you don’t cut a cross in the top of the loaf of bread, the devil will sit on it. Only cut one end of the loaf or the devil will get out and fly around your house. Holes in a loaf of bread symbolize a coffin and indicate someone will die soon. Keep the loaf upright because if kept upside down it means bad luck is coming your way. All said, another name for the devil is empty carbs?

Crush the shells of cracked eggs or else a witch will use the piece to build a boat and cast a spell for terrible seas. Push a spoon into the bottom of an egg after boiling it to rid the shell of the devil, who likes the sulfurous smell of yolk because it reminds him of home. These are not bad thoughts, after all. Better safe than sorry.

This one might explain why there are single girls: each family member should take a turn stirring the Christmas cake mixture – especially unmarried girls, who will remain alone for another year. Bad luck will befall the other family members.

Forbes Living TV has also heard that throwing rice at a just married couple keeps evil spirits at bay so they wouldn’t bother the happy couple in their marriage. We wonder what it means when the inside of the getaway car is also sprinkled in rice.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Forbes Living TV on Beverage Alternatives to Diet Soda

Make your own flavored sparkling water drink

It is a common misconception that diet sodas will help people lose weight. While the drinks may not contain sugar, the sugar substitute is not much better. In fact, it can lead some to think that they might not be contributing to obesity by drinking a diet soda. Forbes Living TV offers some beverage alternatives which are better for us.

Drink water. It is a natural hydrator. It is usually free or sold in bottles at a very low price. It is portable, can be recapped to prevent spilling when moving and can be flavored.

Sugar-free juices are another good alternative. Some contain extra vitamins and minerals to improve overall health. And most do not cost too much. They are usually sold in boxes or small cartons.

Green tea comes in a several forms and different taste varieties to please most taste buds. Drink it cold from a can or bottle, or make it hot and add honey to naturally sweeten it up.

Sparkling flavored water will give carbonated beverage lovers the bubbly they desire with no added artificial ingredients. Tonic water flavored with strawberry slices and lemon or lime adds flavor and zip to the drink.

As the weather becomes cooler and heaters come on, Forbes Living TV recommends readers stay hydrated all year long.  Kick the diet soda addiction out in the cold with the above ideas or tell us yours.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Forbes Living TV with Family Travel Reminders

Reserve house and pet sitters early for the holidays

Many families will travel out of town for the holidays. Some will take the roads and some will go by air. No matter which way you and your family travel, Forbes Living TV shares some reminders to keep handy.

Who will take care of the house, mail and family pets while you are away? Now is the time to reserve the best caretakers for these valuable assets. Be sure to add some buffer time to the schedule to allow for delayed flights or heavy traffic congestion. Add an extra day to the schedule, if needed. Make a list of what needs to be done daily.

Families who are taking flights out of town should consider downloading movies on tablets or digital devices a week or more before the flight departs. Sometimes the download is slow even on a fast connection.  The same applies for adding apps and especially those related for travel.

If special meals, such as a gluten-free one, are needed for family members, place that request when reserving the flight and seats. If the reservation is already made, call the airline and add the request well in advance of the flight.

Forbes Living TV also suggests checking the baggage restrictions for all connecting flights. Your checked suitcase may be too big and heavy for the regional airline connection to the destination point. Know before you go.

With a little advance planning, a family holiday trip can go smoothly. Why leave some things to chance?

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Forbes Living and the Best Super Foods of Fall

Look no further than the local farmer’s market, organic market or super market for the best super foods of fall that Forbes Living TV is pleased to share.

Apples, without doubt, are a terrific super food rich in vitamins and fiber. No matter which variety you like, they are plentiful this time of year.

Brussels sprouts may be on the avoid list of veggies but roasted with a little garlic, a spritz of olive oil and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese, they are truly divine. They are also chock full of iron.

Pears, if you please, can be eaten as it, baked or roasted. They are juicy and sweet and supply a good amount of vitamin C.

Cauliflower is an inexpensive vegetable which can be steamed, broiled or mashed up to make a healthier “mashed potato” dish. It has qualities which can lower cholesterol, prevent cancer and contains a lot of Vitamin C.

Squash has a thicker skin than its summer cousins so it is sweeter and can be stored longer. They are in abundance in the produce section right now. Sprinkle some ginger and cinnamon on it.

Pumpkin is a popular winter squash that is full of fiber, potassium and Vitamin B. Buy a ripe one, slice it and roast it. Cool and cut into cubes to peel. Forbes Living TV loves it in soup and smoothies. You can also buy canned pumpkin and use it the same way if wanting to take the easy way out. Enjoy the super fruits and veggies of fall!

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Forbes Living on Why We Need to Get Up and Walk at Work

Do your legs become stiff and muscles sore from sitting all day at work? Is it cold in the office? Forbes Living TV offers ways to get up and walk at work.

Anyone who has sat all day and then gets up to walk to the bathroom, the break room or even home at the end of the day knows how stiff joints and muscles get from sitting all day. Below are some suggestions about how to add small amounts of movement into the day to avoid circulation problems and/or joint and muscles issues later.

Position the desk chair so it is comfortable and allows legs to touch the floor easily.

Take a 15 minute morning break to walk around outside, on your floor or in the building. This reverses the bad health effects of sitting all day such as damage to leg arteries and reduces heart-related problems.

Forbes Living TV learns that a recent study found that during a three hour period, the function of the femoral artery was decreased as much as 50% after just one hour of sitting. But study participants who walked for five minutes each hour of sitting did not experience that drop in arterial function. This suggests that the increase in muscle activity and blood flow is vital.

Get up every hour and walk around. Most states give employees two 15 minute breaks per day plus a lunch break. Use breaks to walk and keep arteries and blood flow normal. Walking also increases oxygen to the brain which can aid creativity and boost productivity.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Forbes Living and How to Gripe and Get What You Want

Call it complaining, griping of kvetching. There is a certain way to do it and pretty much get what you want.

Forbes Living TV learns (and has tried) to complain the right way.  If griping about what you didn’t get or did get that’s not right didn’t get you anywhere, try some of the useful suggestions below from an etiquette expert.

Step back and ask yourself if you have a legitimate complaint. Or are you really having a bad day and want a little validation? Is it really worth it to complain? If so, please do let the other party try to rectify the problem before pummeling the person with barrage of bad words.

Use the right avenue to file a grievance. Social media accounts are the most public way of letting a business or company know they wronged you. And most businesses have social media accounts. Be firm, be polite and state the problem. If no result is produced, write to the CEO with your complaint. Be patient.

Avoid using foul language or to making threats. Most people do not feel they can have a rational conversation with someone who seems to want nothing more than to trash and bash. Be courteous and resist any urges to name-call.

Forbes Living TV also knows that it’s nice to get a good review. If a business or company has resolved the issue, or has provided service that is better than expected, let them know. After all, we all need to hear kind words.

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