Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Forbes Living Shares Pet Care Money Saving Tips

We love our pets. There is nothing we won’t do for them, including draining our personal financial accounts. Forbes Living takes this opportunity to share how to save money on pet care. (So we can buy them more toys and treats!)

Pet care can be just as expensive as child care. In fact, it is child care except the children have four-legs instead of two, feather, fins and scales. Pet food prices, grooming, insurance routine vet visits and expensive medicine can all add up to a major chunk of money. Many pet owners have felt the pain of dwindling funds as they get and give the very best to their furry kids. 

Below we offer some tips to better manage and hopefully reduce the cost of pet care:

Veterinary care
  • Need pet medicine? Ask the vet if it comes in generic form and choose that option.  Research the medicine online first to see if it can be bought online for a lower cost.
  • Ask what the cost difference is between in-house lab work or outside labs.
  • Ask if samples or manufacturer rebates are available.
  • Ask about seasonal discounts or special health care packages such as for senior cats and dogs.
  • Look up pet insurance plans and read reviews on petinsurancereview.com ando other sites. Choose the best plan for the animal’s needs.

Pet supplies
  • Pet supplies can be bought online also. Pet owners can find almost anything they’re looking for via the Internet and at lower prices than local pet stores.
  • Snag local coupons for pet stores like Pet Supermarket. Forbes Living TV sees these in the mail almost every other week.
  • Also check online for favorite pet food, treats and supplies coupons.
 Save money on all of the things pets need.

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