Friday, June 5, 2015

Forbes Living Offers Exercise Options for Everyone

Some people like it, love it or loathe it. Exercise is good for nearly every aspect of our health. But not all exercise classes or routines are good for everyone. Forbes Living offers options for everyone.

For those who loathe anything having the word “workout” in it, rest easy, there are some pleasant exercise options for you. A brisk walk around the office building, neighborhood or condo apartment community will suffice when exercise is recommended. None of the above entails gym membership, expensive equipment or splashy workout gear.  If a more structured plan would be helpful, check local discount stores for easy to use DVDs that come with resistance bands included. We found a great one for only $15.00 that works like a charm.

Regular exercisers might want to opt for a more structured class. There are many options from Zumba classes to step workouts that add challenge and intensity. Never forget that changing up a routine can produce better results all around.

Hard core workout fans and marathon contenders pretty much know what works.  Cross fit boxes (classes) vary in coach style, format and intensity. Forbes Living TV recommends taking time to research the box interested in by reading reviews, asking other people who have been in it, and talking to the coach.

Is there an exercise option we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments. We’re game to give it a try and report back on it.

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