Monday, July 20, 2015

Forbes Living TV Shares Grocery Saving Tips

Everybody has to go to the grocery store and some of us go more than once a week. We found some tips and smart phone apps which can help everyone save money green at the cash register.

Wouldn’t you like to use savings from grocery shopping on something more permanent than food? We, at Forbes Living TV sure do.

Be sure to look on the upper store shelves and lower shelves for items priced lower than those on the eye-level shelves. Also check out the items on the ends of the aisles for sales. We’ve found some good deals there.

Grab the weekly store sale paper or find it online. This is where the good BOGO deals are from household products to pet stuff.

Every budget-conscious shopper needs budget-friendly apps on their smart phone: Try Grocery Pal for in-store sales in your area. An additional plus is you can choose your favorite store on the list and nix the paper version mentioned above.

Forbes Living also suggests looking into money back apps such as Ibotta. Some of them ask users to watch a video and comment on the product in it, or to take a survey about another one. All you have to do is take a photo of your grocery receipt when done with the video or survey, upload it to the app and some money comes back. ‘

Every little bit helps all the time. Get some back for yourself.