Monday, June 1, 2015

Forbes Living Offers Tips for a Smooth Family Vacation

Long ago, moms and dads rounded up the kids, stashed suitcases, toys, sports and beach gear, and picnic lunches in the family car and headed out on the family vacation. Of course, there were always squabbles in the backseat about space, and one child inevitably did not like where the family was going. Forbes Living offers some tips for a smooth family vacation.

Plan the vacation together as a family. Get everyone involved about where to go and what to do. When everyone is happy about getting to that special place, there will be no cranky kids or stressed out parents.

Pick a family-friend hotel, resort or local home for rent. Be sure there are great places to eat nearby, bike rentals if necessary and are close to the attractions, beaches, parks and other places of interest.

In-vehicle electronics make the drive more bearable for everyone. A navigation system for dad, DVDs and games for kids and streaming movies and music for teens will make long drives less of a drag.

The Forbes Living talk show also suggests planning plenty of stops at cool places, or at least where there are good, clean bathrooms, picnic locations, or interesting locations.

The key to having a smooth family vacation (we know there are such things) is to plan ahead and involve everyone.