Monday, June 15, 2015

Forbes Living TV and Misconceptions about Dogs and Cats

All we really need to do to understand our pets is listen and watch. Forbes Living TV reviews some common misconceptions about dogs and cats.

There are some very common thoughts about dogs and cats (and other animals too) that we thought needed to be cleared up.

Dogs and cats do not get along. This is not always true. When animals are raised in the same home, dogs and cats can get along just fine. It can be educational and fun to observe which one ends up the alpha.

Certain breeds of dogs should not ever be brought into a home. Pit Bulls come into mind. In fact, a rescued Pit Bull is often sweet and grateful. They can also be trained well and raised to be great watch dogs for kids.

Just like cats, not all dogs like other dogs. Some prefer to be around people than another dog. We know a Dalmatian who thought she was too special to play with other dogs.

Cats scratch the furniture and rug all the time ruining it. Some cats may do this, but in all likelihood, most adult cats have learned to not do this. Forbes Living recommends a strong scratching post.

If pet owners take the time to train their pets well, the problems they think they have will disappear. Adopt a dog or cat from a local no-kill shelter today. You have all summer to get to know each other.


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