Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Forbes Living Shares the Qualities of Mindful Woman

Women come in all shapes and sizes. There are those who tackle life’s obstacles with brash loudness, emotional tantrums and angry rants. And then there are those who manage to stay calm, display reason and are not egotistical in nature. These are some of the qualities of the mindful woman Forbes Living shares.

Mindful women think of themselves in the way they wish to be perceived. Quiet confidence is a sign of grace and a trait some ladies do not possess. A mindful woman is well aware that being in control in all situations is vital to being perceived as strong and confident. They feel no need to be manipulative or use emotional tricks. People view this calm, rational person as smart, and smart is sexy.

Sexy is not when one dresses in a provocative manner, but when one dresses in a way which shows some constraint while evoking professionalism. Women can be classically sexy and inventive by using their charm, intelligence and beauty in a way which makes others try to draw more of that out of them. Forbes Living TV suggests being clear when it comes to your standards and not yielding to others gracefully. Demanding women are annoying to be around and no one really wants to spend time with them. Always put yourself first. Once you are taken care of, it’s easier to be mindful of the others. Look in the mirror often. What kind of woman do you see? Do what you can to make her a more mindful person. Maybe others will follow.

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