Monday, September 8, 2014

Forbes Living with Side Road Trip Weirdness

(Carhenge -- Nebraska)

We know school started and the big family vacations have more or less slowed to a halt. But, the holidays are around the corner and so are road trips to visit the relatives. Forbes Living encourages readers to take a little side trip to these crazy, quirky roadside attractions.

The Rain Barrel, Artisan Museum, Islamorada, FL – Located at Mile Marker 86.7 in the Florida Keys is easily seen by the giant lobster in the front. The site has great gift shops, a vegetarian restaurant and is generally a good place to stop and stretch before heading further south in US 1 or before getting on the 18 mile stretch if heading north.

Carhenge, Allliance, Nebraska – This is the Stonehenge version but with cars. Thirty-eight vintage (read old) cars were used to make it.

Red Wood Forest, Klamath, CA – The giant Tree of Mystery are pretty cool when one thinks about how they grew that way.

Lucy the Elephant, Margate, New Jersey – The six story elephant is pretty cool to walk through if heading to the any of the Jersey shores for a family reunion.

The Forbes Living TV show wants to know if readers know of any other weird road stops across the country. America is a very large country and we are sure there are other places people know about which are just plain fun, quirky, or odd. Please feel free to share with others.

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