Monday, April 6, 2015

Forbes Living TV Shares Valuable Summer Travel Tips

This is the time of year for college graduations and the planning of cool summer vacations or internships around the country and world. Forbes Living TV offers some valuable travel tips for everyone.

Never book a trip of any kind without doing some research first. This is especially valuable advice for any student planning a volunteer experience in South Africa. While some wildlife sanctuaries are truly havens for Africa’s iconic animals, other places are stop over points before ending up on farms for foreign hunters.

Airline fees vary from carrier to carrier. Some charge for everything from carry-on luggage and sodas, while others do not. Also, each airline charges their own fees for changing flights, extra baggage and meals. Always double check before making a reservation.

Traveling internationally has its own challenges. The Forbes Living talk show encourages readers to visit the State Department website to learn which countries have restrictions on passport expiry dates. Some of them will not let travelers in if their passports expire three months or six months after arriving home.  It is also a good idea to sign up for notification services from the State Department before leaving in case of emergencies back home or abroad.

Be prepared before buying an airline ticket or making summer travel plans.  
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