Monday, April 13, 2015

Forbes Living TV Shares Tips for Affordable Weddings

Plan the wedding on the beach

It is wedding season. Anyone who has had a hand in planning a wedding can attest to how expensive it can be. Fortunately, Forbes Living TV has some tips for planning an affordable wedding.

Wedding invitations can cost a small fortune if the bride goes the traditional route. The average price of ordering invitations is $439. Most women will opt for digital invitations, or maybe a combination of paper and digital invites.  Paper invitations are nice and are great keepsakes. So maybe order those for the older guests and go online for the others to save some cash.

The wedding dress is a major expense and one that many women are finding hard to choose. The wedding dress or gown is worn for one day and then put in storage. Instead of spending a couple hundred or thousand bucks on this, look into renting one. Other choices are to borrow one from a friend or relative or buy one at a consignment shop.

The wedding reception is the most expensive part of getting married. Find creative ways to make it is less pricey such as having a cocktail and appetizer party instead of a sit down or buffet meal. Buy your own china for the reception, but be sure to wash it at home in the dishwasher before taking to the reception hall. Use good quality silk flowers instead of fresh ones on tables and ask d├ęcor. Another option is to host the wedding on the beach or in a city or state park.

The Forbes Living TV show suggests talking to both sets of parents to determine what priorities are most important. Then, a reasonable budget can be set for the day when lives are joined in love and matrimony.