Monday, April 27, 2015

Forbes Living TV Shares Travel Tech Tips

Where do you want to go today? Will you travel solo, with a friend or take a family vacation? No matter how you go, Forbes Living TV shares some travel tech tips for everyone.

Granted, most of us already have a few digital toys we take when we go out of town. Smart phones will always be tucked in a tote bag, purse or pocket. Some may also grab a tablet for lightweight computing.  However, texting and making calls from overseas is expensive even with prepaid SIM cards. Here’s how to make connecting with friends and family a little more affordable.

A recent survey from a communications company found that 82% of international travelers worry about the cost of data when overseas. Half of those who responded to the survey said they bought a SIM card, which is what most travel sites suggest people do. A prepaid SIM card can save the user money when texting and making calls far from home. Data roaming, which is by far, one of the most expensive communication costs when traveling, may soon see its last days on a user’s bill. The European Parliament voted to end data-roaming charges within Europe by the end of the year. Add Google and its Google Fi network which has no roaming charges in more than 100 countries. The Forbes Living TV program suggests the following:

Contact your home phone carrier and ask about international data roaming definitions and charges weeks before departure.

Consider getting a cheap, disposable phone and prepaid card for international calling and texting.

Use Skype, WhatsApp and other apps like them to talk and message.

Use free Wi-Fi spots at hotels and restaurants but don’t conduct any online banking, financial transactions or shopping on them. They are open networks.

Do some research online before leaving home about where to find affordable international SIM cards and fees at your destination.

Safe travels.