Friday, April 17, 2015

Forbes Living TV on the Bond Pets and Humans Share

Any pet parent will testify that the bond they share with their four-legged child can be just as strong as one with a human child.  Forbes Living TV learns of a new study which adds validity to that statement.

Japanese researchers observed the interactions of 30 dog owners and their pets.  Canines of many different types were involved in the study, lest anyone think that one breed is more communicative than the other.  The scientists noted that when the human and the canine looked into each other’s eyes, the oxytocin surged in both. They also found that the longer we humans gaze into our dogs (and other animals) eyes, the stronger the surge of the feel good hormone.

We can also apply these new study results to people with service dogs. Service dogs are bred and trained to develop strong and powerful bonds with their owners. For people with PTS, autism and the like, the canines can sense when the person needs assistance.  The surge in oxytocin in both human and dog helps reduce anxiety. The Forbes Living talk show notes that people who bond with their pets, gaze into their eyes and connect on a deeper level, gain more than those who do not.  We are more willing to run through a fire to save the animal, and vice versa.  We feel the same connection to the pet as we would with a human child. That’s how strongly we love our pets. 

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