Friday, February 6, 2015

Forbes Living TV Offers Tips for Saving on Health Care

Save on health care? Does that sound right? It can be hard to imagine that there are certain things we can do to save some money on health care costs. The Forbes Living TV show explains.

The cost of health care can be pretty steep these days. Doctor visits, co-pays, medication and medical procedures can cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, there are ways in which we can save on health care. But we have to be prudent and aggressive about it.

If employers do not offer health insurance, it can be daunting to find the right plan. Take time to determine which plan is the most affordable, includes the family’s doctors, pediatricians, etc. and medications needed.

Shop around for the best price on medication. This can be online or in the neighborhood. Always ask if there is a generic alternative. Compare prices. And don’t just look at local drug stores.  Be sure to call warehouse stores likes Costco, BJs an Sam’s Club and check on prices, even no one is a member.  

Know what the family health insurance policy covers before making an appointment. How much are co-pays? What procedures are covered? And where. The Forbes Living TV show also suggests asking medical professionals if certain procedures are absolutely necessary.  If we don’t ask, we may end up paying for something that’s not really needed.  Ask if there is anything to do at home to ease the health issue instead of agreeing to a medical procedure.

Be your own health care advocate.

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