Monday, February 2, 2015

Forbes Living on Preventing Child Accidents

There was one ad during the recent Super Bowl game which seemed to annoy or offend (or both) many viewers. I was sponsored by MakeSafeHappen. There was so much fuss about this one ad, that we think the message was missed – prevent child accidents.

Forbes Living knows accidents will happen when kids are around no matter how hard one tries to prevent them. A large, wide screen TV can topple over if the cord is pulled too hard. An open dryer is an open invitation for toddlers to go exploring. Laundry pods are so colorful that they are often mistook for candy. It is easy to prevent these accidents from becoming tragedies. Be more aware of everything.

  • Close the washer and dryer doors when done using. Lock the door to there they are stored.
  • Don’t buy and use laundry pods if there are small toddlers and small children in the house. Just don’t. Buy a bottle of liquid detergent instead and store it on a high shelf.
  • Screw the TV onto a TV stand. Mount it securely on the wall. Lock the doors of the cabinet.
  • Lock windows so kids don’t open them, lean and fall out.
  • Use gates where there are stairs and on both ends.
  • Install a back-up monitor on your car if it does not have one so no one backs over small children playing in the driveway.
  • Kitchen spills are not uncommon. Forbes Living TV recommends getting protective covers for the stove. 
  • Empty hot water from pans and put in dishwasher. 
These and other tips can be found at the jump above.

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