Monday, February 9, 2015

Forbes Living Asks If Readers Discipline Another Parent’s Kids

There are times when a child is acting so badly that something has to be done or someone has to step up. Even if the child is not yours and even when the child’s parent is standing right there. Forbes Living wants to know if readers have ever disciplined another parent’s kid.

Parents of the Baby Boomer generation had no trouble spanking a misbehaving child or sticking a bar of soap in the child’s mouth if he or she said a bad word. They had no second thoughts about spanking another child either. Or smacking the hands of a kid who grabbed something that wasn’t theirs to take. Many Boomer adults can attest to the horror of having to lie across a lap and be spanked. Worse than that were the school principals who kept paddles in clear sight and used them. The fear of the sting was sometimes enough to keep kids from going off the handle.

But what happens when a child is visiting and misbehaves to the point of causing others harm? What happens when the parent or parents are not there? And what happens when they are and don’t do anything?  Is it okay to spank or scold someone else’s child?  Every parent has their own form of disciplining their children. Forbes Living TV asks readers: is okay to discipline someone else’s child? Have you ever scolded or spanked another child?

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