Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Forbes Living Shares Travel Tips for the Spring

For those who are living in colder climates and dealing with a lot of snow and ice, Forbes Living found some travel tips for spring and the following months.

Spring break is not just for high school and college kids. Adults can take advantage of the airfare pricing we found too. It’s time to start dreaming of warmer climes and making active plans to get there.

Airfare and travel experts caution prospective travelers from booking Saturday to Saturday or Sunday to Sunday flights. Instead, book them from Tuesday to Saturday or Wednesday to Sunday. Savings reached when flying on a weekday versus a weekend can amount to 50 percent or more. (That’s more money to spend at your destination.)

Thinking about going the Europe or Asia? Keep these dates in mind:
March 12 – airfare is cheaper by 15 to 30 percent than the days that follow it. This is the last day of the winter season.
May 15 – same deal as above. This is the last day of the spring ticketing season.
August 23 – This is the start of the fall season when airfare prices are less expensive than summer prices.

Readers who want to travel internationally should consider shopping for airfare five months ahead of time, as a rule. Tickets should be purchased about a month and half before departure. Forbes Living TV encourages readers to also check out airfare comparison websites such as Hipmunk, FareCompare and Kayak. All of them provide fare alert email services. Happy trails.

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