Friday, January 16, 2015

Forbes Living Shares Successful Weight Loss Tips

Powerful protein for breakfast

If weight loss and wellness are on the 2015 resolution list, Forbes Living has some successful tips we’ve learned and used over the years.

Have some protein with your breakfast. This does not mean having a half a glass of milk with cereal. It means having an egg in the morning, adding almonds to cereal or enjoying a low-fat breakfast sandwich with egg whites and cheese which can be warmed up in the microwave. The extra protein will help keep hunger at bay until lunch time.

Eat a decent lunch. Enjoy a sandwich made with veggies, low-fat cheese and whole wheat bread. Add a piece of fruit to round it out. Salads are good too as long as they are not loaded with fatty foods and extra dressing.

Snack on something you like. Eat a bite size brownie. Nibble on a 100 calorie bag of natural, unsalted almonds. Relish a stick of low-fat cheese. All of these will help one feel satiated and satisfied.

Forbes Living TV recommends adding some brown rice or whole wheat pasta with a 3 ounce piece of lean meat, chicken or fish. The healthy carbs contain fiber which aids in weight loss.

If the work day has been long and stressful, have a half glass of wine. A little alcohol is good for the heart, mind and soul. But overindulging in it can add fat from the sugar it contains and lead to over snacking.

We use these tips every day and one of our writers has lost almost 50 pounds in the last year. Healthy eating leads to healthy living which results in a happier, healthier, stronger person. And we wish that for every person who reads this article.

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