Monday, January 26, 2015

Forbes Living Relays Information about Overweight Pets

There is nothing cute about an obese pet

Just like their human owners, overweight pets suffer from some of the same health issues. Forbes Living takes a look at the biggest health problems an obese pet can suffer.

The majority of American pets are obese according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Fifty-three percent of adult dogs and 55% of adult cats are diagnosed as overweight or obese by their veterinarians.  These beloved family pets can also suffer from crippling arthritis, diabetes, joint soreness and health problems related to the heart. Fat dogs and cats can die from having a stroke.

Forbes Living TV recommends to not feed any pet human food. No matter how much they like it and beg for it, it is usually fatty and contributes to obesity. Visit the veterinarian for healthy feeding guidelines for your animal and to get advice on every day exercise. And if we think about it, an overweight pet will have an overweight person or family taking care of it. Why not get everyone on the same low calorie-low-fat diet plan and add a regular daily walk? The family that get healthy together will more than likely live longer together.

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