Monday, December 22, 2014

Forbes Living TV on Why Weekly Weigh-Ins Help People Reach Weight Goals

Many weight loss programs stress the importance of self weekly weigh-ins or joining a group that meets once a week for information, sharing and getting weighed. Meeting weekly weight goals is one way to stay on track when it seems like reaching the end is far off. Forbes Living TV explains why.

It may seem contradictory, but even a small weight gain one week, helps someone trying to lose weight and regain good health. It reminds the person that bodies are made of water and other matter, that a cheeseburger on Friday and can effect weight on Saturday and that it’s okay to have a small ice cream one every once in a while. 

There are some doctors that do not believe weighing in weekly is helpful. The highly respected medical journal PLOS ONE found that people who did a regular self weigh-in weekly ere more likely to reach a weight goal than those who stepped on the scale less often. Forbes Living TV also relays that when people are self-monitoring their weight, they are more aware of what they eat and tend to take it easy was during festive times like the holidays. After all, one does not eat a plate full of holidays sweets and step on the scale the next day hoping the number goes down. Take it easy over the next two weeks and step on a the nearest scale before Sunday morning, when weight tends to be higher.

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