Friday, December 19, 2014

Forbes Living on Feathered and Four-Legged Weather Forecasters

Golden-winged Warbler - storm forecaster

It has long been said that cats and dogs know when a hurricane is coming.  Birds also can feel a storm approaching before it hits. Forbes Living lets readers know why we need to pay attention to birds and animals.

One of the best early warning systems of approaching bad weather are birds. If they are usually chirping all day and are now nowhere to be seen or heard, chances are a bad storm is on the way. Researchers in Eastern Tennessee were studying some warblers and realized that none were around. They seem to have fled their nests – and for good cause. A supercell of storms was headed in that direction which later spurned 84 tornados in the region. 

This is also the case in tropical locales where hurricanes are common. Birds will disappear and the air is silent. Cats will start to become nervous and dogs may act hyper days before a storm strikes. Forbes Living TV also knows that elephants can sense a water source from more than 150 miles away and head toward it.

Animals have a natural sense and instinct when predicting bad weather or for finding what they need to survive.  We humans should pay more attention to them and not chock up their weird behavior as misbehavior. 


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