Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Forbes Living TV Learns that South Floridians Procrastinate on Holiday Shopping

Even though retail analysts state that this Black Friday was not all that great, some people still got up before the crack of dawn to shop. That didn't seem to happen in South Florida where furniture and electronics seller hhgregg noted in a recent survey.

Forbes Living TV learned from the survey that South Floridians procrastinate when it comes to holiday shopping. Most of them get busy about two to three weeks before Christmas and most of them would rather do it online than in person at the mall. In fact, 36% of those living in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties plan to do all holiday shopping online. No chance of parking lot mishaps that way. Twenty-eight percent said they will wing it and not use a list. Almost two-thirds of the South Floridians will use smart phones to compare prices at multiple stores this holiday season.

There are so many apps and great discounts being offered by major retailers and favorite stores.  It almost makes no sense to drive to a shopping center, jockey for a decent parking spot, trudge through the mall and crowds to wait in line to buy someone a gift. Holiday gift shopping is much more fun sitting at home using a tablet, smart phone or laptop. Forbes Living TV wishes South Florida a Happy online shopping experience.

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