Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Forbes Living TV – Love Our Pets – Dogs versus Cats

Let us be clear. We love both the dogs and the cats in our lives. But there is a cool difference in how they take a nice, refreshing drink from the clean water bowl we just put down. Forbes Living TV laps up the difference in dogs and cats.

Researchers from the Fluid Dynamics division of the American Physical Society recently conducted research on how dogs drink water. The cheeks and mouths of cats and dogs are designed as per predatory lifestyle. Cats take a drink of water by touching their tongues to the water’s surface without going deep in it. They suck the water at a speed roughly three feet per second. Just before gravity pulls the water down, felines swallow the water and repeat it. They make a column with their tongues for the water.

Dogs are not as tidy. They also drop their tongues into the water bowl but the movement is quick and abrupt. They splash the water when their tongue hits it.  When a canine pulls its tongue out of the water it is fast and splashy. Dogs force water into their mouths up to eight times of gravity. They are exuberant animals and take a drink they same way. Their mouths are bigger, their tongues are bigger and their actions are bigger.

Forbes Living TV loves both dogs and cats. We can’t resist either one no matter how joyfully messy or fastidious they are when taking a drink of water. It’s what makes them all the more special. Please keep the family pet in mind this holiday season when cooking, baking and decorating. Many of the food we eat and the decorations we use are harmful and some fatal to our beloved four-legged children.

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