Monday, November 17, 2014

Forbes Living TV and How to Keep Finances in Tact for the Holidays

The holiday store displays and some merchandise is already available in many shops and has been since before Halloween. Christmas tree lots are beginning to set up. Very early Black Friday sales are advertised.  It is really hard to not want to break into holiday shopping mode before Thanksgiving. Forbes Living TV shares how to keep finances in tact for the holidays.

Make a gift budget right now.  Be sure to include gifts, entertaining, baking goods and travel expenses. Keep it on the fridge or in a purse or wallet for easy perusal.

If planning to use credit cards and store cards to purchase gifts, choose the cards with the best interest rates and the store cards that offer discounts or cash back. Don’t charge more than 10% on any card. Pay it off before the end of the month or before the due date.

Forbes Living also suggests to use cash instead of credit if there could be a problem paying the amount due on the credit card. Be safe wherever the card is used. Be sure to secure it in a wallet and away from pickpockets can grab.

With a little planning, it won’t be so hard to keep finances in tact for the holiday season.

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