Monday, October 20, 2014

Forbes Living TV Shares Scary Food Traditions

This couple will not have any bad luck at all. 

Do not sniff basil leaves or a scorpion will appear in your brain. These and other scary food traditions are explained by Forbes Living TV.

Who knew that something as simple and fulfilling as bread could have so many superstitions tied to it? Check these out: if you don’t cut a cross in the top of the loaf of bread, the devil will sit on it. Only cut one end of the loaf or the devil will get out and fly around your house. Holes in a loaf of bread symbolize a coffin and indicate someone will die soon. Keep the loaf upright because if kept upside down it means bad luck is coming your way. All said, another name for the devil is empty carbs?

Crush the shells of cracked eggs or else a witch will use the piece to build a boat and cast a spell for terrible seas. Push a spoon into the bottom of an egg after boiling it to rid the shell of the devil, who likes the sulfurous smell of yolk because it reminds him of home. These are not bad thoughts, after all. Better safe than sorry.

This one might explain why there are single girls: each family member should take a turn stirring the Christmas cake mixture – especially unmarried girls, who will remain alone for another year. Bad luck will befall the other family members.

Forbes Living TV has also heard that throwing rice at a just married couple keeps evil spirits at bay so they wouldn’t bother the happy couple in their marriage. We wonder what it means when the inside of the getaway car is also sprinkled in rice.

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