Friday, October 24, 2014

Forbes Living TV Shares Tips for Keeping Digital Devices Safe

The next generation of smart phones and tablets are on store shelves. Now is the time to download and install the best apps for keeping malware off digital devices. Forbes Living TV shares some tips to keep personal and financial data safe.

Mobile devices are harder for hackers to get into and hackers have to work harder to get into them. They can steal the contact list from a smart phone and send ransom notes to the user to get the lists back. Back up contact data with apps like Avast which we use on all company computers, servers and personal digital devices. It scans, removes and protects data. Avast is best for Android users. iOS users can use Lookout.

Public Wi-Fi is an open market for hackers. Protect your devices with a secure VPN (virtual private network). There are many available for both Android and iOS. They are best used in airports, malls, coffee shops and other very public places.

The Forbes Living TV show recommends using an app to find a lost phone or protecting data when a phone is stolen or misplaced. There are many on the market that can locate a lost or stolen pone and many more that can wipe a phone of everything personal if it lands in the wrong hands.

In today’s very digital mobile world, it makes sense to do whatever we can to protect ourselves from unscrupulous people.

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