Friday, October 17, 2014

Forbes Living TV on Beverage Alternatives to Diet Soda

Make your own flavored sparkling water drink

It is a common misconception that diet sodas will help people lose weight. While the drinks may not contain sugar, the sugar substitute is not much better. In fact, it can lead some to think that they might not be contributing to obesity by drinking a diet soda. Forbes Living TV offers some beverage alternatives which are better for us.

Drink water. It is a natural hydrator. It is usually free or sold in bottles at a very low price. It is portable, can be recapped to prevent spilling when moving and can be flavored.

Sugar-free juices are another good alternative. Some contain extra vitamins and minerals to improve overall health. And most do not cost too much. They are usually sold in boxes or small cartons.

Green tea comes in a several forms and different taste varieties to please most taste buds. Drink it cold from a can or bottle, or make it hot and add honey to naturally sweeten it up.

Sparkling flavored water will give carbonated beverage lovers the bubbly they desire with no added artificial ingredients. Tonic water flavored with strawberry slices and lemon or lime adds flavor and zip to the drink.

As the weather becomes cooler and heaters come on, Forbes Living TV recommends readers stay hydrated all year long.  Kick the diet soda addiction out in the cold with the above ideas or tell us yours.

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