Thursday, October 2, 2014

Forbes Living on Why We Need to Get Up and Walk at Work

Do your legs become stiff and muscles sore from sitting all day at work? Is it cold in the office? Forbes Living TV offers ways to get up and walk at work.

Anyone who has sat all day and then gets up to walk to the bathroom, the break room or even home at the end of the day knows how stiff joints and muscles get from sitting all day. Below are some suggestions about how to add small amounts of movement into the day to avoid circulation problems and/or joint and muscles issues later.

Position the desk chair so it is comfortable and allows legs to touch the floor easily.

Take a 15 minute morning break to walk around outside, on your floor or in the building. This reverses the bad health effects of sitting all day such as damage to leg arteries and reduces heart-related problems.

Forbes Living TV learns that a recent study found that during a three hour period, the function of the femoral artery was decreased as much as 50% after just one hour of sitting. But study participants who walked for five minutes each hour of sitting did not experience that drop in arterial function. This suggests that the increase in muscle activity and blood flow is vital.

Get up every hour and walk around. Most states give employees two 15 minute breaks per day plus a lunch break. Use breaks to walk and keep arteries and blood flow normal. Walking also increases oxygen to the brain which can aid creativity and boost productivity.

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