Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Forbes Living Wants to Know Why One Size is Not the Same across Name Brands

(finding the right size and the right fit is a challenge)

What’s in a size, anyway? Why are clothing sizes so different when they are the same? Forbes Living wants to know why one size is not the same across names brands.

If a woman were to walk into a department store and try on three pairs of jeans all in the same size, would they all fit the same? No, they would not. Many clothing manufacturers and designers use their own sizing specifications as a marketing ploy. If a size 12 from Lucky Brand fits great, a size 12 from Levi’s may not. 

An average women’s size 12 can vary as much as 1 to 3 inches in the waist of jeans, and to 3 inches in the hips. This is why it is important to find the right size in the right clothing line and stick to it. Sizing standards are specific to the brand and not to the standard size itself. Forbes Living TV knows that most of us have a favorite brand of jeans and know which size fits us best. We tend to be loyal to those, but occasionally want something a little jazzier for evenings out. This is when it pays to take the time to try on different brands.  Find one or two that fit and look the best and grab a few pairs in different washes. You’re good to go then.

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