Monday, August 4, 2014

Forbes Living with Tips for Air Travelers You May Not Know

Sometimes the quickest way to get from one place to another is to fly. And sometimes, luggage does not make it with you to the final destination. Forbes Living offers tips for air travelers that might not be known.

The flight was relatively stress-free and might we say –relaxing.  All of the luggage seems to be out and on the carousel at the destination airport. The carousel spins around and around and there is no sight of your luggage. When it seems there is nothing else coming out and that all of the bags are claimed, what is a traveler to do?

Before Leaving Home
Make a copy of a business card or print your name, hotel name or name of destination address on paper and attach it inside the suitcase. Luggage tags can and have been removed.

Pack medication, valuables and two changes of clothes in a bag to place over the seat. If the larger bag is lost or misrouted, at least you have clean clothes.

Install an app that tracks bags.

At the destination airport:
Before leaving, visit the lost and found office for the airline that brought you here. Ask to make a claim because your bag is lost or has been misrouted. Make note of the airline rep you spoke with, date and time, and then email the airline directly with this information.

ForbesLiving TV knows that sometimes bags are misrouted and not truly lost. But in any case, find and speak to an airline employee about the missing bag. Be honest on the claim about the content worth. 


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