Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Forbes Living on Why a Little Jogging and Running is Good for Us

A new study is out which implies that most people should run for at least a few minutes every day. It doesn’t have to be a fast run. But a little jog for a few minutes can apparently add 3 years to our life.

Are you wondering what we’re wondering? If we start jogging/running for a few minutes every day, will we eventually work harder so we can enter our first marathon race? Or do we just want to add a little jog to our daily walk and let that do? We at Forbes Living focus every day to make our lives and yours a little healthier. So where does that leave us on the question of how much running must we do of we do not like to run or jog?

The current U.S. guidelines for physical activity call for 75 minutes per week as a minimum of running or other vigorous workout, and 30 minutes of moderate intensity. But people who do less than that still receive the health benefits, according to this new study. The research mentions that people who ran less than an hour per week reduced their death risk as much as runners who put in three hours or more weekly of the super cardio exercise. Forbes Living TV suggests start out walking at a brisk pace and when it is comfortable, add 2 minutes of jogging and then go back to walking briskly. This is a good way to enjoy daily exercise. It also works well when we need to get out of the house for a little “me time”.

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