Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Forbes Living Asks How Often Do We Wash These Things?

(this would be a good time to wash the dog)

There are specific types of people who feel the need to wash sheets, windows, carpets, their blue jeans and other things as often as possible. Forbes Living offers some ideas from home keeping guides about when to wash some of the most standard items in the house.

Sheets -- Wash once a week or once every two weeks. Use hot water and dry on high heat to kill germs.

Jeans -- Wash every four to five wears or else they get faded and worn. Turn them inside out before tossing in the washer and let them hang dry.

Bras -- Every three to four wears rotating them every day. The elastic in them needs to relax and reshape before wearing it again.

Your hair -- Every other day is the rule. Although, most of us wash it every day.

Ovens -- Twice a year if not the self cleaning kind. But wait, who doesn't have a self cleaning oven these days?

Dishwashers -- Clean every month using one of the brand name cleaners or pour white vinegar into a dishwasher safe cup, set upright on the top rack and run one cycle.

Bed Pillows -- Every three to six months toss pillows in the washing machine on gentle cycle and use hot water. Run the rinse cycle twice. Toss in the dryer with two tennis balls on low heat. It takes two hours to dry two polyester filled standard size pillows.

The Forbes Living talk show also recommends washing the family dog only when it needs it. Do the old sniff test. If the pooch is dirty from running in the mud, wash it outside.

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