Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Forbes Living with the Best Toys for Kids on Airplanes

(the number one toy kids love to use on flights -- Loom Bands)

If you’re thinking that an iPad or some other digital device is a good distraction for kids who are restless on airplanes, think again. It turns out that the best toys are pretty simple and well-known from the days when their parents were children. Forbes Living shares the best toys for kids on airplanes.

Child educators and psychologists from Britain conducted research on children aged two to ten on an two hour airline flight. The children were given electronic gadgets like iPads and some rather simple toys such as Loom Bands and Playdoh. They learned that the children were much more engaged with the simple toys and with some interaction from parents for the duration of the flight. Parents switched the toys after a period of time and the child was became interested in that one. The top 10 toys in order of playtime were:

Loom Bands, Playdoh, Lego, Top Trumps, Uno, Usborne, Activity Cards, Magnetic travel game, Aquadoodle!, Finger puppets,  Sticker book

Forbes Living suggests grabbing a few of these games from the store before leaving on a flight of any length. They are affordable and fun. And if we think back on our youth, we will remember having hours of fun with some of these simple toys. Several of them do not take much space in an under the seat bag. As easy as it seems, playing movies on a laptop or electronic tablet is not all that great for keeping children’s minds occupied when confined in a small space like the airline cabin. Break out the easy toys and relax a little.

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