Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Forbes Living on How to Stand Up and Move at Work

Some people spend most of their working lives sitting at a desk. These are usually the same people who eat poorly. All of this results in a declining health status. Forbes Living offers the ideas below to help everyone stand up and move at work.

Set your smart phone to vibrate every hour. Stand up and bend your legs, stretch your arms and neck and walk to the break room for a beverage.

Stuck on the phone? Walk around your desk or cubicle. Don’t take that long call sitting down.

Add more walking into the day. Park farther away from the building, from the store, from the school or from the pool. Walk on breaks. Walk after dinner. Walking after a meal actually boosts metabolism.

Leave beach chairs at home when going to the beach, pool, picnic or outdoor event. The Forbes Living talk show learns that while it is harder to get up from a flat surface like a beach blanket, it is better because it will make you walk more.

If it’s okay, get up and walk to someone else’s office or desk space instead of emailing or calling. Walk to lunch instead of ordering in. Walk to the store. Walk to the dry cleaner. But whatever you do, don’t walk in the rain or if it’s lightning outside. Instead, walk up and down stairwells. Stand up and move at work, readers.

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