Monday, June 30, 2014

Forbes Living with Red White and Blue Foods

The American July Fourth holiday is this week and patriotism with its red, white and blue colors will be on full display. Of course, this means red, white and blue food also and Forbes Living offers some choices to make for the family or a group picnic.

Pull out all the stops for his great American holiday with some to easy to prepare patriotic goodies.
Dip giant ripe strawberries half way in melted white chocolate. Then dip the tips in blue sprinkles. Refrigerate until it’s time to take them out and enjoy.

Slice red tomatoes and arrange in a circle on a platter leaving a hole in the middle. Fill the hole with potato or macaroni salad. Use blueberries to make little stars.

How about a pizza that looks like the American flag? Purple potatoes, when cooked, turn blue and can be sliced to look like stars. Bacon is the perfect food to form red stripes. The pizza dough itself is great to use as the base.

The Forbes Living talk show encourages everyone to be creative when preparing holiday food this week. There are an abundance of ideas on the Internet, even by looking up an image of “red, white and blue food”.  The dynamic show premieres July 8 at 7 AM on WE tv.

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