Monday, June 2, 2014

What to Do If You Lost Something during Travel from Forbes Living

Have you ever left something on a flight, in a rental car or a hotel room? Do you wonder where your lost valuables (and other items) go if you don’t remember where there were left? Forbes Living has some answers.

Items left unclaimed after being in an airline or rental car Lost and Found department for more than 90 days are usually sold at auction or sent to another facility for unclaimed items. The people who work with unclaimed baggage and lost items report that most items are lost because they have no ID tag or a poor ID tag. So what do you do when you’ve lost your tablet, smart phone or a child’s favorite stuffed animal?

Forbes Living TV suggests:
Submit a lost item report as soon as something is reported missing.
Be specific on the report. Note size, color, material, and brand.
Lost a purse? Be detailed about what is inside – including cosmetics and brands, money, personal items.

In the future, label everything inside and out. Write initials on a stuffed animal’s paws. Write the model and serial number of electronics and keep it in a separate place.
And always keep an eye on your valuables to be sure you know where they where the last time you laid them down. I once lost a pair of reading glasses on a very floral bedspread in a hotel. Enough said.

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