Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Forbes Living on How to Allergy Proof Your Day

Allergy season has kicked in and those who suffer from it find the tips below helpful in managing it this summer.

In the morning, open the blinds and not the windows. Tree and grass pollen is in the air and can trigger scratchy eyes and endless sneezing. Forbes Living suggests changing air filters every season to rid the home of trapped allergens. Run the A/C to get rid of any stuffiness. Watch local news forecasts or go online to get the most current pollen count for your area. Before heading out the door, toss on some sunglasses to further block any irritants from becoming bothersome.

Later in the afternoon, take a breather, eat some yogurt or get some exercise. The pollen counts are lower in the afternoon than any other time of day. Go outside and take walk. This helps lower stress which can trigger allergies. Yogurt has some qualities which might help keep allergens at bay. So grab a fat free Greek yogurt, add some fresh fruit and enjoy.

Come evening, kick shoes off, strip down and take a shower to keep pollen and other irritants out and away from home. Be sure to turn the bathroom fan on to keep moisture and mold at bay. Ban pets with long hair from the bedroom as their fur can trap pollen and they can bring it to bed with them. And pop a 24-hour relief pill before going to sleep, since they can cause drowsiness. When awake, Forbes Living TV learns you will be already protected from any allergens and irritants. Stay healthy, readers.

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