Friday, May 30, 2014

Forbes Living Discovers that 100,000 People Are Willing to Get Off of the Planet

Forbes Living has learned that fully 100,000 people are ready to make a deep and lasting commitment to human and scientific progress.  These folks are signing up to be a part of mankind's first mission to Mars -- one from which everyone knows there is no coming back.  The Mars One mission expects to launch four people, two men and two women, toward the red planet in September of 2022, landing in April of the following year.  This is clearly a one-way trip, as these people will try to establish a continuous colony on Mars, and existing technology is not prepared to offer a return flight.

Forbes Living reports on the first manned mission to Mars -- definitively a one-way trip.

The Forbes Living TV show finds it surprising that such a large number of people are willing to make this journey, knowing they will never see Earth and loved ones again.  The Mars One mission is already taking applications from people from around the world, and expects to select 40 finalists to enter 8 years of training.  The learning curve is extensive, since the four residents on Mars would be solely responsible for any work, construction and repair of facilities, equipment as well as their own health.  They'll need to be farmers, engineers, doctors and scientists, all rolled into one team of adventurous souls.  Anyone interested is encouraged to apply, but remember:  it's permanent -- you can never come home again.

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