Thursday, June 5, 2014

Forbes Living and Why Stay At Home Dads are Valuable

The economy has left many dads out of work and those that are seem to have taken over the household duties their wives once had. But a recent study found that only eight percent of American households approved this kind of arrangement. Forbes Living explains why stay at home dads are valuable.

In today’s world, children of all ages should see that both men and women can take over the household duties and do it for the better good of the family. Stay at home dads are cooler than stay at home moms because, well, they are dads.  They are good at handy man stuff, can be creative when cooking and do not become unhinged if the carpet is not vacuumed or the dishes not done. They can take freelance writing gigs and blog about their experience at home. They enlighten people with their insight about the same things women usually gripe about. They seem to see more into the female psyche than the sisterhood does. Forbes Living TV calls the stay at home dads out and thanks them for everything they do. It can’t be easy to be the one seen in the car pool lane, at the grocery store at 10 AM or taking part in a “mommy and me” play group on a daily or weekly basis.  Yet, men are doing this every day. There are roughly 2 million stay at home dads in the U.S.A. These men are probably doing a better job being a stay at home dad than most of us will ever know. Thanks!

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