Friday, June 6, 2014

Forbes Living Featured Guest Teddy Bear Portraits by Nationwide Studios

This week in the studio, Forbes Living welcomed the great people from Teddy Bear Portraits by Nationwide Studios. This company is highly respected by schools, parents and caregivers for taking the best images of pre-school age children.

Children’s portraits were taken years ago as a way to mark the passage of time, to record special moments and to celebrate holidays. They are indelible keepsakes handed down generation to generation as reminders of what we looked like in our youth. Teddy Bear Portraits are welcome additions to family histories.

The Nationwide Studios photographers are held to very high standards and are professional, child-friendly and make the photo session as comfortable to the child as possible. They are industry leaders in the child portraiture business. The specially trained photographers from Teddy Bear Portraits are experts in capturing the child’s individual personality. After the photo session, parents and guardians have the opportunity to view the pictures and choose the ones they love, and take them home the same day. This is an added bonus most photo studios don’t usually offer.  Forbes Living TV is proud to feature Teddy Bear Portraits by Nationwide Studios, Inc. in an upcoming segment on “Mommy Must Haves”. 


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