Monday, June 9, 2014

Preparing for a Storm by Forbes Living TV

Bad storms are no longer designated to the South during hurricane season or Oklahoma during tornado season. Devastating weather can happen anywhere in the country and at any time. Forbes Living TV offers suggestions about how to prep for a storm.

All it takes is one strike of lightning to the roof of a house for a fire to start and prized personal possessions to be destroyed. Fortunately, there are steps and apps to download which can make it easier to list what you own.

Start with an Internet search for making household inventories. Download the app you want and then start taking pictures with your smart phone of valuable belongings.

Collect important documents such as mortgage paperwork, rental leases, all insurance documents, vet records, banking and credit card information. Seal them in plastic baggies and store someplace where you always know where they are.

Most people already have apps for their banks and insurance companies on smart phones. If not, now is the time to install what you need for emergencies. Never wait until the last minute and lose a connection due to down cell towers and phone lines.

Forbes Living suggests stocking up on the necessities beforehand: batteries in various sizes to last three weeks, a case or two of bottled water, plain bleach for sanitizing water, non-perishable food like crackers, canned meats, soup and canned fruit. The more prepared you are now, the easier it will be if bad weather makes a mess of your home and life.

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