Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Forbes Living and the New Summer Treat

Ice cream is a summer staple for dessert or a snack when you get home from swimming.  To make it special, turn it into a sandwich. Forbes Living shares some of the new summer treats.

Ice cream sandwiches are a cool, creamy favorite any time of the day or evening. But there are some that are being made that are delectably delicious. While the below are made by ice cream stores, a unique ice cream sandwich is simply a figment of imagination turned into yummy reality.

Cookies used to be the main item for the sandwich. However, some eateries are using waffles, churros and donuts instead. Ice cream chefs are finding flavorful ways to blend cookies, ice cream and a sauce into one hard-to-put-down goodie.

Mix and match the flavors such as a red velvet waffle with cinnamon ice cream. Forbes Living TV learns that making them at home is just as easy as the ones that can be bought in ice cream stores. Just be creative. Also, be sure the cookie, waffle, donut, ladyfinger, etc is flat and even. Try different kinds of ice cream or whip up your own using a base flavor like vanilla and add flavorings. Don’t forget a special sauce to hold it all together. There are a myriad of choices to make or buy. Enjoy one in front of one of the fireplaces mentioned below.

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