Friday, June 20, 2014

Forbes Living Explores Air Travel Safety

Air travel is a quick way to get from point A to point B. As more Americans board flights for vacation this summer, Forbes Living offers some tips to keep air travel safe.

Does it seem like the space in the airline’s cabin has become smaller? Well, it is. Airlines are making sure they fit as many people onto the plane as possible. More luggage is being brought on board because travelers do not want to spend the money on checking bags. All of this means there is less breathing space. Make your flight more comfortable with a few tips to keep calm when things get a little out of hand.

As a passenger walks the aisle to find their seat, they inadvertently bump the back of your head with their carry-on bag. Instead of scowling at them, duck when you see someone coming with a large bag on their shoulder.

The person beside you accidently spills some of their drink on you. Turbulence happens. Clumsiness happens. Offer to help them clean it up and accept the apology.

Someone refuses to turn off their digital device when asked. Ring the call button and mention it to the flight attendants. There is no sense making a stubborn person mad by confronting them.

The person in front of you reclines their seat so that your tray table jams into your stomach. There is not much to do for this other than possibly closing the tray table. Passengers will usually let you know in no uncertain terms that they have a right to recline. If it’s too difficult to manage, ask if you can change your seat.

The Forbes Living talk show realizes that air travel can be fun and also a people challenge.  Go with the flow, avoid drinking alcohol on the  flight and arrive without incident.

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