Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Eco-Friendly Fireplaces Help Create Clean and Warm Spaces from Forbes Living

Does it seem odd to read a post about fireplaces right before summer begins? Forbes Living heats up the conversation about Eco-friendly, mobile fireplaces and how they are the best option for heating rooms while keeping air clean.

Even though summer is literally days away, there are still some locations which might benefit from having a non-wood burning fireplace in the home. One of the greatest benefits of a mobile heater is that they warm the space you are in and not the entire home. This is called zone heating.

Another way to heat a room is to use the existing fireplace but install a fireplace insert in it. The inserts come in several varieties including electric, pellet stove and bio fuel, like ethanol. The ethanol fireplaces burn clean air, produce no smoke and are sustainable. A true green supplement to any home, like the ones Ignis Products sells. They are stylish and can be taken to the lakeside cabin, the beach house or to the bedroom to warm up a cool evening. Price ranges are not, but if you want a free one, why not enter the #ForbesLivingSummerRomance contest?  Click the link to read the easy entry rules. Tell us why you are a hopeful romantic in 200 to 300 words and be on your way to winning an artful, Eco-friendly fireplace for your living space.

*This post is only 227 words. Use a guideline if entering the contest.*

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