Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Forbes Living TV and Why Energy Drinks are Not Good for Kids

Health and medical experts agree that active children should only be drinking water when participating in sports and other physical activities. Forbes Living TV looks into why these drinks are not good for children.

Energy drinks are usually full of sugar which can cause teeth to decay, add unwanted weight and may entice kids to try other things which aren’t good for them such as beer. Energy and sports drinks are made for adults yet more children are drinking them. Water is always the best source for hydration for children under the age of 18. Sugary and highly caffeinated beverages can cause restlessness and anxiety. Energy drinks, while tasting good and sweet, also may cause kids to be significantly more intense in play, which can be harmful to them and others. While children who drink sports beverages tend to be active in organized sports, they are also more likely to watch more TV than the occasional user of the beverage. Forbes Living learns that children who drink more energy and sports drinks are also more likely to have tried cigarettes than those who did not try the drinks. It’s important to know the ingredients in these beverages and the amount of sugar and caffeine in order to make an informed decision about buying them.

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