Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Forbes Living on Affordable Summer Fun Activities for Kids

Summer is near and that means that school will be out soon. Parents can find a bunch of affordable summer fun ideas for kids right here from Forbes Living.

When school ends, children have more time on their hands to get into mischief and mayhem. Why not keep them busy and active? Below are some ideas found on the web and from the writer’s childhood.

Summer day camps are run by school systems, non-profit organizations and specialty groups. Ask the child what they’re interested in and find a program which fits their likes. Many cities offer affordable options for the public.

City and county libraries offer movie afternoons, reading groups and special guests. Introduce a child to the library, get them their own library card and they are on their way to endless adventures which cost nothing more than the price of the card.

Public swimming pools usually offer family passes which are discounted and are good all summer long. Buy one for the family.

Hit the beach, take the kids out for a nature hike in the area and enjoy a picnic afterwards.

There are also cool things to do at home like make some arts and crafts, play in water sprinklers, and the one thing moms love the most – quiet hour. Send kids to their rooms for one hour of peace and quiet to read or nap. Forbes Living TV suggests readers start today to find something entertaining and active for children of all ages to do this summer.

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