Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forbes Living TV on Five Pieces of Advice to Never Give

We all know someone who thinks they have the answer to everything, can solve all types of problems and is the best life adviser. Forbes Living has some advice for them.

There are big topics that no one should ever advise anyone else about.

Raising children – Parents know their children the best. What works for one family may not work for the other. Refrain from offering parenting advice unless asked.

Pregnancy – Oh boy are there people who just love to make comments to expectant moms about what to eat, not to eat, wear and not to wear. But to be clear, unless you are her doctor, please keep your comments to yourself.

The home – Some people are busier than others, some have full-time jobs and some do not. What you see in someone else’s home from a random dust bunny to a cloudy glass should not be commented on – unless you are offering to come over do the dishes or clean the house.

Single Friends – There is a reason some people are still single when the people around them are married. They like it this way. Please don’t make comments on what they need to do in order to find a mate.

Physical appearance – Forbes Living TV knows that no one is perfect. Your style of dress may not be someone else’s style. Some men prefer a scruffy beard and others a clean shave face. Some women like to change their hair color regularly while others prefer to stick to their hair’s natural color. Whatever the difference are, they are the differences which make all unique. Embrace them. And refrain from offering advice if not asked.

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