Friday, May 30, 2014

Forbes Living Reviews the Good and Bad Yogurts

Next time you visit the grocery store, go to where low-fat yogurt is sold and see how many varieties are sold. And then read the labels. Forbes Living examines the good and bad kinds of yogurts.

There are many reasons why health experts recommend eating Greek yogurt versus the other kinds sold in stores. They are naturally lower in fat and sugar than the others. Greek yogurt has only six grams of sugar in the plain varieties.

The recommended total daily amount of sugar for women is 20 grams, and for men it is 36. Yet, the popular flavored low-fat yogurt sold contains much more than that. Part of the sugar content in yogurt comes naturally. But add in the flavoring, syrupy fruits and granola toppings, and watch the sugar count start to climb. Even those made with artificial sweeteners are not healthy. Aspartame –a commonly used sweetener – is not good for us. It often can give one a headache.

The Forbes Living talk show suggests trying the low-fat or no-fat Greek yogurts. To add extra flavor to distract from its kind of bitter taste, add some fresh fruit or berries, a touch of honey or a sparkling of cinnamon. Greek yogurt also adds a boost of protein for the day. So dig in, readers. And ditch the extra sugar.

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