Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Forbes Living-Fitness Series-Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that almost everyone can benefit from. It is a practice that originated in India and it includes breath control, meditation and specific body postures. Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice. 

Many people find inner peace and physical wellness through yoga. Forbes Living did a bit of research on yoga and found out what the benefits are. For more information on exercises like yoga go to http://www.kiana.com+Kiana Tom 

Forbes Living on the Benefits of Yoga

Flexibility-one of the significant benefits of yoga is flexibility. Many people have trouble touching their toes when they start a yoga class, and within time they not only touch their toes but they are able to do things they never imagined possible. It takes time but after a while you will notice a loosening of the body and poses that once seemed impossible become possible. As your body loosens up you will probably notice certain aches and pains disappearing. 

Strength-one of the benefits of yoga is building strength. As your muscles become stronger you will experience less pain and protect yourself from developing certain health issues. Yoga is especially good for older women and men because it helps keep their muscles strong, which helps with balance. 

Calming-research has found that yoga lowers cortisol levels. It helps calm the mind and teach you how to be present. So many of us are thinking about the past and the future and forget about the present. Yoga helps you get in touch with what is happening now. 

Less Depression-research found that regular yoga practice improves depression and increases serotonin levels. It was found that the left prefrontal cortex showed heightened activity in people who meditate. This heightened activity increased their happiness and immune function.  

Some of the producers of Forbes Living practice yoga on a regular basis and have found all of these benefits to be true. Always check with your doctor before you try a new exercise program though. If you have a stressful job yoga might be the right exercise for you. Another website we love for advice on new exercise trends is http://www.gymra.com/.

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