Monday, April 7, 2014

Forbes Living-Fitness Series-CrossFit

A CrossFit workout isn’t for everyone. If you like a challenging, high intensity workout and you don’t have a lot of time this might be the right workout for you.

CrossFit is a challenging workout that combines aerobics, weight training, gymnastics and more. The idea is to push every part of your body to its maximum performance to become strong and fit. Forbes Living did a bit of research on this type of workout and found quite a few benefits.

Forbes Living on 5 Benefits of CrossFit Training

Intense-if you like intensity you will love this workout. It is fast paced, intense and challenging.  The workout incorporates squats, jogging, weight training, burpees (a type of jumping) and much more.

Endurance-you will increase your endurance, stamina and strength with this type of workout.
Flexibility and Balance-you will notice that your coordination, balance and flexibility are much better.

Get Fit Faster-if you want to get fit fast this is the right workout program. Research shows that interval training (high intensity with active rest) gets better results in a shorter period of time. The research found that this type of exercise routine increases muscle quickly and boosts the metabolism.

Lean Physique-one of the benefits of CrossFit is a lean, beautiful body.

If you like a hard workout with a lot of quick benefits you will probably enjoy this type of workout. The producers of Forbes Living would like to remind you that you should always check with your doctor before you start a new exercise program especially one as strenuous as CrossFit.

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