Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Forbes Living TV and Tips on When to Use Your Intuition

Many of us feel we have intuition about things. We are able to read people fairly well and make split second decisions when we need to. In some cases this gut feeling we get seems to get better as we age. There is a reason for that. Forbes Living TV did a bit of research about intuition and found out some interesting things.

Research has found that intuition in many cases comes from an unconscious form of reasoning. It comes from the way we collect knowledge over time. As we collect knowledge about life we begin to recognize patterns. Your brain organizes patterns into blocks of information. Then when you come across a certain type of situation of familiar design your brain recognizes the larger picture. This is what many people refer to as intuition. Forbes Living TV came up with a few ways people use their intuition.

Forbes Living TV and 4 Ways People Use Intuition

Experience-when you do something you have a lot of experience in you can probably trust your instincts. If you have been playing golf for many years you can use your gut rather than analyze every swing. At this point you should know what works.

Getting a Second Opinion-no one knows your body as well as you do, and if you think something is wrong but your doctor doesn’t agree maybe you should get a second opinion. In this case it’s important to trust your intuition. It could save your life.

Purchasing a Home-when you buy a house it becomes your home unless you’re buying it as an investment. If you’re purchasing a house to live in you should feel right about it. Studies have found that people who bought a house and went with their intuition concerning the purchase were more satisfied. Of course the home should fit into your budget and you should look at the school district if you have children, but you should also consider the way it feels. Does it feel like a home to you?

Lying-sometimes you get a feeling that someone is lying to you. If you have a strong intuition about this maybe you should look into the situation a bit more. Sometimes you can tell someone is lying if they are acting differently. A few signs that someone is lying are when they stare a bit too long, move around a lot, or cover their mouth with their hand.

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